We are Leading Supplier of Relay In Reputed Make.

Relay interface modules are available in different channel densities viz 1, 2, 4 & 8 channel Relay Interface Module and choice of features such as with / without fuse and with / without relay mounting base.


  • Interfacing of PLC I/Os to field Sensors & actuators.
  • Multiplication of PLC O/Ps for separately driving actuators, annunciators & other devices.
  • Isolation of high voltage load & input devices from sensitive PLC electronics.
  • Providing channel wise isolation for PLC inputs & outputs.


  • Specially designed rugged DIN clamp with metallic base provides immunity against vibration.
  • Host of I/O wiring options selectable thru’on-board shorting links reduces the wiring time
  • UL certified non-self loosening terminals provide reliable connectivity.
  • PLC specific Relay Interface Modules with prefab cables facilitates.

Note: The products displayed in the photos may/may not be the same.